What is MCH-PHLI

Just Announced:

The MCH-Public Health Leadership Institute is a Leadership 500 Program Top 15 Award Winner: 11th place for Educational Institution!

MCH PHLI is a Leadership 500 Program award winner11th place for Educational Institution

MCH-Public Health Leadership Institute

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  

Leadership is about...

The MCH-Public Health Leadership Institute focused intensive leadership development for both MCH agency and Family leaders in the US and territories. This program graduated its 4th cohort in spring 2014, for a total of 112 participants over four years.

Program Fellows underwent 13-days on onsite training plus completed a robust distance-based experience over the course of one year. The goal was for Fellows to significantly expand self-awareness and quickly build practical skills for effectively leading, managing people, and building partnerships, to advocate for and create the MCH systems of tomorrow. This unique program improved leadership capacity, teaching how to create the kind of organizational culture that engages and motivates others.

The program was successful, in part, because Fellows were able to customize their experience. Participants transformed their skills as well as their understanding of themselves and others. Each Fellow received private executive coaching to help them personalize and maximize their leadership learning.

The leadership team at MCH PHLI would like to thank our partners, CityMatch, AMCHP, Family Voices, and the National Center for Cultural Competence for all their wonderful collaboration over the past four years in support of this highly successful program. We would also like to thank the MCH Bureau for their financial support. We have appreciated getting to know so many wonderful MCH and Family leaders and hope they have found the skills learned via MCH PHLI to be useful to them as they serve the children and families in their communities.

Please watch for forthcoming publications demonstrating the effectiveness of the MCH PHLI model. You can read the first publication from this program, Moving the Needle: A Retrospective Pre- and Post-analysis of Improving Perceived Abilities Across 20 Leadership Skills, at the following link: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10995-014-1573-1

For more opportunities for workforce development, please investigate the new National Center for MCH Workforce Development, to be headquartered at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.